Project Vision’s goal is to reduce overdose death in the U.S.A.  35% by 2035


Drug overdose deaths in the U.S. reached a record in 2019

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Across the United States, the Covid-19 pandemic has either shut down or severely crippled the resources available to people in recovery.    

 Project Vision has a new recovery tool that is helping the recovery community in this time of Covid-19. Covid has greatly restricted the face to face interaction that is usually a part of the recovery process. We have developed a 12-Step Workbook that is being used by doctors, hospitals, detox programs, counselors, rehab program directors, peer support staff, mental health facilities and homeless shelters. Help us reach our goal in support of our mission to decrease overdose death in the United States 35% by 2035. 


Project Vision aims to help those with a history of substance and alcohol abuse

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The workbook is 12-Chapters, 80 pages long and covers all the 12-Steps of recovery in depth in a question & answer format. Everyone has heard of the 12-Steps process of recovery, but it can be difficult to find. This workbook makes it easy to find and begin working the steps to recovery. Our organization has been providing this workbook to Doctors, hospitals, counselors, peer counselors, program directors, homeless shelters, detox programs, corrections institutions, inpatient & outpatient rehab programs, halfway houses and are having amazing outcomes with the men and women who are using this.

What can I do?

Help us bring this tool of Recovery to the front lines of this battle by donating what you can. Your donation will go to pay for the workbook to be printed and shipped to the locations around the United States.

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